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Earthie Museum Lost Tooth Photos
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Award-Winning Books

Each fairy book reveals how she became a Real Tooth Fairy & now wears the magical heart with wings!  Giggles included!

Lost Tooth Facts: Who Has The Most Teeth?

The long-snouted Spinner Dolphin has as many as 252 teeth! Earthie adults only have 32. How would you like to brush 252 teeth?

Stacey & Stepella in:
 "Friends DOs & DON'Ts"

DO: Stacey says, “Brush your teeth 2 times a day for 2 mintues.”

DON’T: Stepella says, “Brush your teeth 1 time a week for 2 seconds, dearie!"

Watch Avalanne’s magic wand paint dazzling room decor at the Magic Walls Decor Store. It has every thing a girl needs to make any wall MAGIC!  Send in photos of your room decor to the Earthie Museum!


Dear Gwendolyn,
Where does a tooth fairy go to school? Do you have yummy or icky school lunches? Love, Isabella, Age 7

Dear Isabella,
Every fairy goes to Real Fairyversity (except for Twinkle who graduated). Our school rocks! We have classes like Potionometry, Magimatics,
and Flying Fashion Design. We just took a field trip
to the Real Fairyland Earthie Museum to see Earthie pictures and taste Earthie food. Our fairy school lunches float inside balloons! Come & see! Lots of tooth fairy love, Gwendolyn