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your daughter."


These are actual quotes from Mom Bloggers who reviewed our
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"As moms, I’m sure we all remember the excitement of losing a tooth . . . eager to awake to a magical surprise. Now girls will know the “real” story of the tooth fairy through this interactive website and book series."

"Have you ever found something so fun, so special and so unique that you just had to share?!"

"This website helps parents keep track of your child’s lost teeth and gets your child excited about finding letters from their fairy. There are lots more activities to do too."

"The Real Tooth Fairy website really promotes dental health and gets kids excited about dentists! That’s so cool."

"I just know you and your little girl will love this site! We had so much fun and we go on it almost every day. It’s a great way to spend time with your daughter."

"I love that the site teaches important values like sharing acts of kindness and virtues such as having a brave and loving heart."

"We received 2 books from the Real Tooth Fairies book series which we immediately fell in love with!"

"I'd like to call this post an "honorable mention" because The Real Tooth Fairies is simply fabulous!"

"Everything in these books from the illustrations to the storyline to the adorable charm bookmarker are right up our alley.  We could live in the world of the Real Tooth Fairies."

"It’s my pleasure to promote such a fantastic experience for little girls!"

"Talk about a girl’s dream come true.  Amazingly interactive website!"

"The best part about the Real Tooth Fairies is that they promote confidence, character, and especially kindness."

"Kacie just loves the website . . . she's been on it since she woke up this morning!"

"It’s a really fun and magical website where we were able to meet her very own Tooth Fairy! The books were very nice and the artwork and illustrations were just right."

"Like a big sister or trusted friend, the Real Tooth Fairies have the ability to become your daughter’s favorite new buddy. One visit to the website and it’s easy to see how integrated and magical this resource is."

"The Real Tooth Fairies message of kindness extends into your child’s real life as they earn ribbons for spreading kindness such as writing a thank you note or helping mom and dad with chores."

"Love the Kindness Tickets!"