The Real Tooth Fairies Win 2013 Product of the Year Award

The Real Tooth Fairies Win
2013 Product of the Year Award

The Royal Council of Real Fairyland announced today that “Creative Child,” a national magazine that provides parents with the latest information on how to nurture their children’s creativity, honored The Real Tooth Fairies with their 2013 Product of the Year Award. The Creative Child Awards Program, with a judging panel of over 100 parents and educators, has given the award to The Real Tooth Fairies “Kindness Kits” products.

The honor is just the latest in a series of awards for The Real Tooth Fairies website for girls ages 5-10, that focuses on celebrating every girl with positive enriching content, such as the 20 Lost Tooth Virtues, Create Your Dream Tree, Every Kindness Counts program, and many other games and attractions. The online world, where girls get matched to their Real Tooth Fairy, offers families many ways to make the complete tooth fairy experience special. The site can be found at 

"It's an honor to be recognized by Creative Child Magazine, a publication known for its focus on raising well-balanced children who develop their imaginations and social skills as they learn," said Marilyn Bollinger, CEO at The Real Tooth Fairies. "We're thrilled to receive these awards, because we pride ourselves in being a safe place where girls find a magical tooth fairy world of enriching activities.”

The Real Tooth Fairies Every Kindness Counts program encourages acts of kindness such as asking someone new to play, carrying in groceries, helping with the laundry, or putting a loving note in a surprising place for a family member to discover. For each act of kindness completed, a girl receives a free virtual Kindness Ribbon or Kindness Charm that she can view online.

With the free site membership, a girl can move up eight Kindness Levels in the online program and receive virtual Kindness Ribbons and Kindness Charms as she progresses. To move up a level, she needs to complete 6 Kindnesses of her choice. In addition, she can create her own custom Kindness Ticket, make up her own Kindness song or create her own Kindness skit or play for her family. 

Beyond the free program, there is an option for parents to purchase award-winning Kindness Kits to go with their daughter's online Kindness program. Here's how it works:

At Level 1, Ladybug level, a girl earns six Kindness Tickets that she picks on the website. As she finishes each kindness, the girl can receive a gold-embossed satin Kindness Ribbon with a card on the back to record what kindness she performed. Once she’s received all six Level 1 Ladybug ribbons, she finishes Level 1 and the girl’s Real Tooth Fairy delivers two sequined bags to her pillow (only with parent permission). The first bag reveals a multi-colored Kindness Bracelet with a tiny card saying Kind-gratulations!

In the other fairy bag is a glittery Ladybug charm with an engraved message: “Every Kindness Counts.” The girl then moves up to Butterfly Level 2 with butterfly Kindness Ribbons and a butterfly Kindness Charm delivered to her pillow. Families can continue the program through 8 Kindness Levels.

“Parents tell us that their girls can't wait to do more kindness as they move up to a new Kindness Level,” says Bollinger. “Each charm on her Kindness Bracelet is a reminder to the girl of special ways she gave to others, showing her that every kindness counts."

The Creative Child Magazine award joins a long line of awards for the Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC. In fact, theaward is the 15th award for The Real Tooth Fairies online world, the Tooth Fairy Book Series and the Kindness Kits, all of which can be found at

"The awards are a wonderful honor," says Bollinger, "but the important thing is that when girls come to our site, read our books or receive Tooth Fairy letters, they're using their imagination and becoming empowered to change their world as they spread kindness.”

About The Real Tooth Fairies

The Real Tooth Fairies are represented to Earthies by the Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC, a family entertainment company dedicated to excellence in programming and interactive media. Their consumer products celebrate girls and encourage them to spread kindness. The Real Tooth Fairies deliver positive messages and cheer girls on to grow and glow with free site activities like the 20 Lost Tooth Virtues, Create Your Dream Tree, and Every Kindness Counts.

Marilyn Bollinger, CEO of The Real Tooth Fairies, is the author of many Disney books and has consulted for LeapFrog, Fisher-Price and other top children’s companies. As a licensed clinical social worker, she’s practiced family and children’s therapy and led parenting workshops. And of course, she’s honored to be the Earth’s ambassador to all things Real Fairyland, where Love is Magic and Every Kindness Counts!

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