The Real Tooth Fairies Inspire Girls To Spread Kindness By the Millions

The Real Tooth Fairies Inspire Girls
To Spread Kindness By The Millions

The Real Tooth Fairies announced today that their ‘Every Kindness Counts’ program at the Tooth Fairy online world has surpassed 4.5 million kindness events, thanks to millions of girls ages 5-10 from 200 countries. The free enrichment program is found at

“Girls really embrace the mission of our ‘Every Kindness Counts’ program: to be heroes for kindness. Kids want to make an important difference in the world,” says Marilyn Bollinger, CEO at The Real Tooth Fairies. “Girls pick kind acts to do and then record them as they are completed, with their Tooth Fairy cheering them on. They experience first hand that every kindness really does count.”

The Real Tooth Fairies “Every Kindness Counts” program encourages acts of kindness such as asking someone new to play, carrying in groceries, helping with the laundry, or putting a loving note in a surprising place for a family member to discover. For each act of kindness completed, a girl receives a free virtual Kindness Ribbon or Kindness Charm that she can view online.

This engaging pro-social activity is one of 40 different activities girls enjoy in the world of their Tooth Fairy. The Real Tooth Fairies online world focuses on celebrating every girl with positive enriching content, such as the 20 Lost Tooth Virtues, Create Your Dream Tree, and many other games and attractions.  The online world, where girls get matched to their Real Tooth Fairy, offers families many ways to make the complete tooth fairy experience special. Girls can meet their Tooth Fairy and start the magic at

With the free site membership, a girl can move up eight Kindness Levels and receive virtual Kindness Ribbons and Kindness Charms as she progresses. To move up a level, she completes 6 Kindnesses of her choice. In addition, she can create her own custom Kindness Ticket, make up her own Kindness song or create her own Kindness skit or play for her family.

"The most important thing,” says Marilyn Bollinger, “is that an enriching online activity also becomes a positive human-to-human interaction as the girl does her kindness in the family. Parents tell us about many touching moments that come from the kind acts girls do in the Every Kindness Counts program.” Explore The Real Tooth Fairies with your child at


About The Real Tooth Fairies

The Real Tooth Fairies are represented to Earthies by the Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC, an entertainment company dedicated to the production of excellence in programming and interactive media, tied to consumer products that inspire imagination, foster creativity, and encourage children to spread kindness and change the world. The Real Tooth Fairies focus on character building through positive role models, the 20 Lost Tooth Virtues, the Every Kindness Counts program and over 40 other games and attractions.