Tooth Fairy Movie Stars Hilary Duff as Brand Explores Acquisition Offers

Hilary Duff Stars In Animated Tooth Fairy Movie As The Brand Explores Offers To Be Acquired

Hilary Duff stars in the “Meet Your Tooth Fairy” movie as DelMorgan
& Co. engages in discussions with potential buyers for the brand.

With billions of families celebrating lost teeth globally, the Tooth Fairy is the most widely celebrated fairytale in the world. Now, for the first time, families everywhere will be able to see the story of this classic icon of childhood in a captivating CGI animated movie, “Meet Your Tooth Fairy.”

Hilary Duff stars as Twinkle, the leader of the Tooth Fairies. The Tooth Fairies are finally revealing themselves to “Earthies” because now, more than ever, they want to inspire every child they visit to be a hero for kindness, making the kind choice every day to change the world.

The Tooth Fairy brand answers all of kids’ questions about the Tooth Fairy who comes to their room and is part of every family’s life. Kids are fascinated to discover where the Tooth Fairy lives, what she looks like, and where she takes their teeth.

Over 28 million kids have visited the Tooth Fairy digital game platforms and are awaiting the release of this magical story with fairies, elves, pixies, and other amazing creatures. Their other-worldly adventures are mixed with hilarious surprises and life lessons about the magical power of love.

This universally beloved and established character property is poised to be the next big cinematic universe for all families and their tooth-losing kids ages 5-10. It’s a rich, interactive and magical world with proven deep engagement now ready to expand into multiple media platforms and across-the-box licensing.

DelMorgan & Co. is headquartered in Santa Monica and has been hired to pursue a sale of the company, which owns extensive intellectual property and media assets, as well as unencumbered media and merchandising rights. DelMorgan & Co. Senior Managing Director Len Simonian said, “It’s rare to find an entertainment property with this kind of appeal to families globally and such a beloved character.  With a combination of universal character recognition and appeal, a completed movie with star power, and a strong digital track record, the Tooth Fairy really is an incredible opportunity for the right company to acquire an established story and property that will never stop engaging and inspiring audiences. This may well become the next hit kids brand.”