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The Best Tooth Fairy Books from The Real Tooth Fairies!
These award-winning tooth fairy books are a favorite pick for girls!

This book series introduces girls to the Real Tooth Fairies and the magical world of Real Fairyland. Each fairy's book tells how she showed courage and kindness, proving she has the heart of a Real Tooth Fairy - a heart with wings. These books inspire girls to believe in their dreams and to spread kindness in their world. Fairies, like Earthies, face challenges like being the new kid in school, feeling left out by friends, coping with bullying, and reaching for their goals. Like loving big sisters, the Real Tooth Fairies share adventure, friendship, and wisdom with their Earthie girls.

Peek inside each tooth fairy book as that fairy talks to you about her magical story!

Don’t miss the book about Stepella, the mischievious Whatsie and prankster, and the introductory book to the fairy world, “Magical World of The Real Tooth Fairies.”