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A Tooth Fairy Letter Comes to Your Pillow!
  Now that you know your tooth fairy and she knows you, you can come here to send
a Magic Message to your tooth fairy and tell her your latest news.  See your message fly
right to your tooth fairy after you fill out your message form!  

Tooth Fairies like to write personalized tooth fairy letters back to Earthie Girls. They are called Magic Letters.
You can ask for a Magic Letter from your Real Tooth Fairy whenever you have something to tell her.
Here are the things you can send Magic Messages about:

                                     * lost tooth                      * big day in sports        * proud of an activity
                                     * loose tooth                   * good job at school     * excited about kindness
                                     * birthday                        * sick or injured            * making friends
                                     * a friend problem          * and so many more!

Once your tooth fairy receives your parents' permission to come to your house with a Magic Letter, you might find a Tooth Fairy letter on your pillow! Like an adoring big sister, your tooth fairy is always here for you with love and encouraging words for fabberful you!