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Lost Tooth Facts: Stepella's Scoop

Did you think that only volcanoes erupt? Think again. When your new adult tooth peeks out, it’s called an eruption!

Brigitte & Stepella in:
 "Friends DOs & DON'Ts"

DO: Brigitte says, “Squeeze toothpaste the size of a pea on her toothbrush.”

DON’T: Stepella says, “Squeeze toothpaste the size of a peacock on your toothbrush!"

See Brigitte and the Real Tooth Fairy band record their
hit songs at Brigitte’s Magic Music Studio! Get a listen
to the newest tooth fairy rockin’ beat.


Dear Twinkle,
Do you ever wear fairy costumes? Do you get to bring a date to parties or is it
just for fairy friends?
Your friend, Sarah H. Age 8

Dear Sarah,
Thanks for your tooth fairy letter! A fairy in Real Fairyland goes to lots of parties and balls. You'd look great wearing a fairy
costume like the one
I wore in this picture at the Royal Fairy Costume Ball. We can bring dates but he most fun is to go in a fairy friends group!
Loads of tooth fairy love, Twinkle