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Earthie Museum Lost Tooth Photos

Earn Kindness Charms From Fairyland

Earn a new Kindness Ribbon for every kindness you do &
a Kindness Charm for each
level you complete! 

Lost Tooth Facts: Do you have a royal tooth?

Did you know you have crowns in your mouth! Each tooth has a crown (the part you see) and a rooth (in your gums). Say "Your majesty," the next time you open wide!

Avalanne & Stepella in:
 "Friends DOs & DON'Ts"

DO: Avalanne says, “Floss between each tooth every day.”

DON’T: Stepella says, “Floss between each toe every birthday!"

Have you been to the fairy queen's High Tea in the
Virtue Garden? This is where you get to see the 20 Virtue
Flowers that come with each lost tooth you have!


Dear Triana,
You do tooth fairy magic, like the cool spells in your song. Can you make ME magic? Hugs, Ashley P. Age 7

Dear Ashley,
One of the tooth fairy secrets is that LOVE is magic. So you have that magic, right? Think about the magic you can do with your love. Your hug can change your friend's mood! Zing! 
Your love note makes your mom smile. Zing! A loving apology gets you a surprise hug from your sister. Zing! Your love is so magic! Go try it!
Loads of tooth fairy love, Triana