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Only Real Tooth Fairies may travel through this Earth portal to the castle. You might spot fairy portals on Earth if you look for the Glow! Another sure sign of a portal is the shape of a face in a tree - it could be the Tree Knobbers!

Secret portal locations for the Real Tooth Fairies are not just by the sea in North Carolina, they are located all over Ireland - here are a few of the magical sites!

Here at Earth Headquarters for Real Fairyland and Elff Land, we’re dedicated to the Queen’s mission of helping Earthies spread kindness and grow their Dream Trees.  Surely you may have news of the historic decree Queen Sirona made on the steps of  the U.S. Capital:  “Earthies can now see inside Real Fairyland after hundreds of years of secrecy -  we're asking Earthie's to
spread kindness to every corner of the Earthe, it can change the world!"

Of course, Real Tooth Fairies make regular visits to Earthie girls and boys, bringing surprises right to their pillows. And upon royal orders, we at the Royal Council even schedule limited personal appearances of the Real Tooth Fairies and the rare meeting of her Royal Highness Queen Sirona with Earthie dignitaries. But for our daily duties,we happily tend to Earthie Guest Services and track Inter-Realm deliveries so Earthies can enjoy every magical package fairies sent to Earth from the Magic Street Shops.

The location of the Royal Council of the Real Fairyland is magical, indeed, in proximity to Airlie, the ancient fairy refuge across the sea from Ireland. Here, visiting fairies and Earthies alike can walk the famous Acorn Trail that meanders among the ancient Live Oaks that have been secret Earth portals to Real Fairyland for centuries. Believers can still see the Tree Knobbers who inhabit the Enchanted Tree portals.

Yes, it’s a daily joy to be the Earth Embassy for Real Fairyland - where Love Is Magic and Every Kindness Counts!