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Our Privacy Policy is designed to keep your private information safe & secure while you explore the magical world of Real Fairyland.

Royal Council of the Real Fairyland’s PRIVACY POLICY
March 31, 2016

You and your child’s use of this web site signifies that you accept our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

If you are a parent, you may cancel your child’s participation in this app or in website by clicking here or sending an email to showing your child’s member login name and parent email with your request.

Welcome to The Real Tooth Fairies. Please review each part of this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before using this service.

Here at the Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC, (referenced as “RCRF,” “us,” or “we”) we are dedicated to protecting your online privacy when visiting our sites and related mobile apps. We are committed to child safety and providing your child with a wholesome play experience online.  We want to share the steps we have taken to make this a safe and secure environment. Parents, you can support your child’s healthy use of apps or internet by spending quality time with your children and observing your children’s use of digital media online. To help assure a positive, enriching online experience for all our guests, we provide this Privacy Policy, including information about how  we collect, use and disclose personal information.

Whenever we reference the term “parents” below, we intend to include legal guardians. Note that sites/servers related to the website and app are located in the U.S. By using this media, you agree to the transfer, collection, processing and use of data by Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC, its affiliates, subsidiaries and parent companies. Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC  adheres to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA) and     supports guidelines of the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc. in all of our sites and apps for children.

We encourage guests to read our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to alter this Privacy Policy (including Terms of Use) at any time, with changes effective upon posting of the revised Policy at this domain. Notices of changes to this Policy may be sent by email or other means, but the guest is responsible for regularly reading the Policy’s latest version and to terminate use of the service if you are not in agreement with the most current Policy. Continuing to use the website or app constitutes your acceptance of the terms.

Our interactive world for children, which is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program, allows no chat between users and there is no exchange of child-written content that can be shared online from child-to-child. Any areas where children write content are only viewable from that child’s own computer or app and member account or parent account; their writing is not viewable by any other child online or in that other child’s app. Words children write to their Real Tooth Fairy are shared with the child’s parent, but never with other children on the site or app.

Please help us protect your child’s privacy by instructing your child to never provide personally identifying information on this site or any other without your permission.

1. What information we collect:

Your child can explore the online site or mobile app and view some content without any information being collected. When a child does a free site registration at our site or in an app, the only information collected is the child first name, birth date (to validate guest age), a fictitious child member name, child password and parent’s email. During the registration process, we do not collect any other information from children. A child’s participation in any of this site or app’s activities never requires a child to provide more personal information than is reasonably necessary for that activity. A child does have to have a previously created free child registration account with The Real Tooth Fairies to use our mobile app. The child is required to enter the fictitious or nickname user name she created at registration and her password to enter our mobile app. The mobile app also may ask users to provide information that is not personally identifiable through preset choices such as what number tooth was lost.

2. How do we notify parents about the collection of information from their children:

For the free child registration which occurs separately from the content of our mobile app, parents receive a welcome email from us immediately when their child does their free registration and we allow 48 hours for parents to refuse their child’s registration. If the parent does not contact us by email, mail or phone, we assume the parent is consenting to the child’s registration. If the parent refuses the child’s registration, which can occur at any time, we cancel the child account per the parent’s request within 5 business days or less. This child account cancellation will make it impossible for that child to log in to our mobile app. A parent may cancel the child’s participation by clicking in the registration’s Welcome email link that says: “to cancel this Real Tooth Fairies account, click here.” Or a parent may go to the “For Parents” page, scroll to the bottom above the Official Seal and click the line that says: “to cancel a child’s participation on this site or a parent member account, click here.” This link offers a form to submit to our site via mail refusing your child’s participation on the site. The Contact Us page also shows parents a phone number and email address to make this or any other request. Inside our mobile app, at the start of the Privacy Policy page, parents also have a link to cancel their child’s participation in the app and website.

3. How can parents view, change or delete personally identifiable information about their child?

By identifying yourself appropriately, parents may review their child’s personal information that we have collected at the website Parents can, at any time, refuse to permit the site and app to collect further personal information and can request that any personal information collected be deleted by providing the parent email and child member name by contacting Guest Services by email at Or a parent may go to the “For Parents” page, scroll to the bottom above the Official Seal and click the line that says: “to cancel a child’s participation on this site or a parent member account, click here.” 

The RCRF site and app offer communication with parents about their child’s activities so parents have the option to choose if they want to be involved directly with the girl’s online or app activities with her Real Tooth Fairy. Many parents choose to be helpers to their daughter’s Real Tooth Fairy to create special family moments by going to the Parent’s Only Zone, but this is not required for children to participate in site or app activities.

As stated, parents receive a welcome email called Share Mail when your child does the free site Registration and/or takes the Royal Quiz to get matched up to a Real Tooth Fairy at the website, In this app, when the child completes a message to her tooth fairy by asking for a tooth fairy letter, a Share Mail email is sent to parents referencing your child by first name and sharing with the parent the specific message your child wrote to her Real Tooth Fairy. Through these emails, parents see what their child writes to her Real Tooth Fairy and get updated about their child’s activities on our site/app. Parents may opt out of receiving Share Mail or they may opt out of special promotional offer emails by clicking the Share Mail Preferences button in My Profile Page in My Royal Account at the Parent’s Only Zone section of the website  Parents may also click “unsubscribe” in any parent email and within 5 business days, they will receive no more informational or promotional emails from us. The My Royal Account area is where parents can view their purchase history, their Upgraded Membership History and their Magic Letter History and Child Profile. Parents may change their information, reset their password or change their child’s first name and password. A parent may also change information by emailing or calling our Guest Services number on the Contact Us page.

RCRF does not knowingly allow children under the age of 13 to publicly post or otherwise distribute personally identifiable information in any website or app activities. There are no chat rooms or message boards. In keeping with our safe policies, children can on the website view other children’s fictitious screen names for the site (not the child first name), they can view other avatar/dolls, castle rooms, and pre-set pictures of generic site activities that another user has recently done, such as a generic picture shows when a user recently played a site game or a generic preset letter topic title and picture that a user chose when playing with our app. However in viewing these generic images, there is no child-written content or personally identifying information shown.

4. How does Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC use personally identifiable information collected about children?

At RCRF, we don’t require anyone to share any information about themselves in order to enjoy certain free features of our websites or apps. You may visit parts of our web sites or certain mobile apps without any need to register. However, some apps or site features require a free child registration. Some apps may be free to download while others may have a cost. Our web sites may contain special sections and privileges, such as certain activities for members that require a free registration. Families can participate in free website activities like Every Kindness Counts, Dream Tree, Ask For A Magic Letter, Lost Tooth Garden, Me Doll Dress-Up, Castle Suite decorating with virtual shopping items, games and other tooth fairy-related activities. Optionally, parents may choose to purchase an Upgraded child membership on the website which offers additional site access and activities. To obtain a paid website membership for your child, a parent inputting their personal credit card information is required. This is the personal information that we typically ask of adult users: first and last name, birth date, credit card billing address, shipping address if different from billing address, phone number and parent e-mail address. We do not collect any personal information from adult users online or in app unless it is voluntarily provided, such as when registering for contests, sweepstakes, promotions, downloads, or free demos, completing our online customer surveys, filling in statements in certain activities, or purchasing products. If a parent does a free Parent’s Only Zone registration on the website using Facebook for age verification, we only collect your parent name and parent email. If a parent does not use Facebook for age verification when registering for the Parent’s Only Zone, then a one time 49 cent purchase is required, so that we know you are a parent by using your valid credit card.

We also collect information from you offline if you contact us to request a RCRF catalog or participate in a Real Tooth Fairies promotion, like a sweepstakes or drawing. We may obtain customer lists, demographic and other information from other sources. We may combine this information with information we collect online to better understand your needs, improve our site, our products, and our services, and better serve your needs. We also collect an email address on our Contact Us website page for the purpose of being able to reply to resolve a question or problem experienced by a site user, however that email address is only used for a one-time response to the user’s specific inquiry.

5. What ordering information does Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC collect in the online shopping sites and/or for online purchases?

We advertise RCRF’s Real Tooth Fairies products on the site and our app where each ad is marked with the word Ad. We also offer products to purchase in RCRF’s online Real Tooth Fairies Store as well as parent purchases of Magic Letters, Parent’s Only Zone membership (free with Facebook age verification or 49 cents to register as a parent if not verified with Facebook), and children’s Upgraded Memberships for the website. Every purchase online or by phone requires a valid credit card, therefore only adults may purchase products on our site. We offer a paper or printable download Wish List on the website for visitors under age 18 to use for browsing product choices. When an adult places an order or requests a catalog online, we collect information associated with the requested transaction, such as the customer’s name, mailing address, products ordered, shipping addresses, email address, and/or credit card information. We ask for this information so that we may fulfill your order or catalog request. We will send a confirming e-mail message to the e-mail address provided when a customer places a credit card order online. Credit card information is not stored by RCRF for items sold at or purchases of Magic Letters, VIP Upgrade, or Parents Only Zone membership.

RCRF has security measures in place to help protect misuse of information under our control. When you make credit card purchases on the shopping website pages, your transaction is secured by use of a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is an advanced encryption technology that safeguards your personal information. Credit card information is not saved by our online store; it is securely transmitted via a secured third party credit card processor. Notwithstanding, perfect security is never guaranteed.

Parents or other adults have the option of registering certain information for future orders while completing their online website order. For the customers who choose to register during a purchase, we will save their login information (password is not viewable in our customer administrative records unless one is inputting a new password), name, phone and mailing address, alternate ship-to addresses. When applicable, we will record the name of your child’s Real Tooth Fairy or a child name if it was input during the parent purchase for a personalized product. A customer account will be created when an adult customer has successfully entered all the required information. Customers can access their online account information through the “My Royal Account” feature at our site that will give you access to the Parent’s Only Zone and also your Royal Account menu. We may keep this information in our database for use at later time. When registered customers return to the site to place subsequent orders, they can identify themselves with an adult login name and password. Be sure to use a password for adult login and registration that your child does not know. The Parent’s Only Zone is accessible only to parents by entering their personal email and password. Each time a parent requests to enter the Parent’s Only Zone, the parent will be asked to enter that email and password as a measure to only allow parents into the parent section of the website.

6. Will Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC collect any other personal information about anyone under age 13?

Without ever registering or providing any information, a child can visit certain website areas or apps directed to children. We offer child visitors the opportunity to voluntarily register a free request to use the site through an online registration form that asks only for the child first name, age/birthdate (to validate ages of our guests), a fictional “member name” and password, and a parent email address.  When a child’s e-mailed or mailed in submission is posted to any area of the web site, we only use the child’s first name and age, and then only with prior written permission by the child’s parent using our online permission form. Likewise, any photographs or videos of children posted on our site are only done with prior written permission from the child’s parent using our online form which parents download and submit.

Registered children will have opportunities to voluntarily share their news with their Real Tooth Fairy at the site or in an app, write a Custom Kindness ticket or record kindnesses they did in the Every Kindness Counts program on the site, write about their newest lost tooth, and write about their Dream Tree on the site. Anything written by a child on a site or app activity cannot be viewed by other site users via site activities but can be viewed by parents in Sharemails sent to the parent email address or in the Magic Letter History Page in the My Royal Account page. Parents please be aware that Royal Council of Real Fairyland, LLC cannot control what someone enters in a write-in field in our website or app activities, but do be assured though that we do not allow any site guest other than the child herself or the child’s parent to view any areas of the site or app where a child can write freely in a typed field. 

In this situation, we ask the child for the parent’s email so that we may notify you of their activity online. If we need more information than First name/Screen name and birth date, we will contact you directly and ask that you, the adult, provide that information for your child. We might ask for your mailing address so that we can send to you, for your child, any prizes your child wins, or ask you for your telephone number so that we can notify you when your child has won. Any information you or your child give us in these special circumstances will be removed from our database once the promotion, program or activity is finished, and after any legally required period for keeping such information is complete. Once you are properly identified, parents may review the personal information we have collected online from their child, request we remove any identifying information, or refuse to allow further collection or use. However, if you ask us to cancel your child’s account from our database, we will ask that you advise your child not to participate in our activities to avoid further information collection.

If we collect online contact information from a child under 13 years for the sole purpose of responding directly to a specific request from the child, and if we know it is a child making the contact, such as for help with a website problem, we will not use this information to re-contact the child and will delete the information immediately from our records after responding to the help request. If a child calls our guest services phone line, we will only ask for their first name and fictitious member name to assist with their help request. We will not ask for any personally identifying information and, if offered by the child we will ask them to not provide that, and we will not write or record that information.

7. How does Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC use cookies or gather other information automatically?

When you visit our online sites, RCRF may receive and store certain non-personally identifiable computer information automatically. The Internet Protocol (IP) address used to connect your computer to the Internet; plus computer and connection information like your type and version of browser; the operating system and platform you use; and pages viewed and time spent will be gathered and analyzed by us or one of our contractors on our behalf so that we can improve your experience with us. We also use cookies and clear GIFs, sometimes known as pixel tags or web beacons.

What is a “cookie?” It’s is a small file that routinely gets saved to your device which contains non-personally identifiable information. But what it will do is help your computer recognize our website; it will optimize your online experience, and it helps us customize your experience. Most browsers are automatically set up to accept cookies. Cookies help track the items in your shopping cart; cookies also remember choices your child made in activities, so they remain there on the next visit. Cookies assist us in knowing how many people visit our sites, how long they stay there, and which pages get the most use. This information helps us evaluate which of our areas are being used successfully and which need improved functionality. Through your Internet browser’s help menu, you have the option to disable cookies, however you may not be able to take part in some of the features on our site if you disable cookies.

Another field of information we collect for administrative purposes only are IP addresses, which are the automatic numbers assigned to your computer when you surf the web. Your IP address and cookies are not connected to any personally identifiable or on-line contact information like a name and address, unless you register or place orders at our site. 

In our online advertising activities, RCRF may work with third party network advertisers who use pixels, cookies, or transparent GIF files. By using these files, advertisers can recognize a unique cookie on your Web browser that informs us about which of our advertisements guide users to our website. These specific cookies are put into place by us, or by another advertiser who works with our third party network advertisers. The information that we collect and share in this fashion is anonymous and not personally identifiable to your online account or other personal information and does not contain your name, address, telephone number, or email address. However, it may tell us what other sites you have visited that are associated with the network advertiser by telling us what site you were on when you clicked on that advertisement.

8. How does Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC Use, Disclose and Store Information?

By using the information we collect, we improve our site, understand our customers, improve our products and services, and better serve your needs. We use the personal information we collect for a variety of reasons. If you were to register in a drawing, sweepstakes or contest, we will use the registration information to notify winners, or if you purchase a product online, we will fulfill your order with the information that was provided. Adults who register for sweepstakes or contests, or who register online or purchase products online may be added to a list to receive our catalog or other promotions by mail or by email. Occasionally, we might also e-mail you to provide information on our upcoming products, web site updates and promotions, or about our products or services. You can elect not to receive email or mail promotions by clicking unsubscribe or an opt out link on any email. We will regularly send you emails called Share Mail, which share with you what activity your child participated in on our site, and we share with you what your child wrote or recorded online. This way, parents share in the magical friendship of your child with her Real Tooth Fairy. If you want to stop receiving such Share Mail updates and product information from Royal Council of the Real Fairyland at any time, you may also opt out at any time by visiting our web site Parent Profile in My Royal Account and click on Sharemail Preferences. Our mailings and e-mails will include information allowing you to opt out of this information as well. 

9. How does Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC protect personal information?

Safeguarding your personal information is extremely important to RCRF. Our managerial and electronic and physical procedures are intended to safeguard data security and properly use the information we collect online or in apps, while preventing unauthorized access. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt and protect credit card data during transmission to our secure third party credit card processor, and adopt careful internal procedures to protect personal information in our system. However, we can’t guarantee that these systems or the Internet will always be secure despite our concerted security efforts. To protect yourself, when you set up a password and login name, we advise that you adopt a unique name, combining letters and numbers that will be difficult for others to duplicate. Be sure to protect your password and computer against other users by signing off when finished using your computer or mobile device. For the Parent’s Only Zone site login, use your email address with a confidential password, so only parents can enter. Advise your child to never share her password with others.

10. Will Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC share information about me with other parties?

We do not sell our customer lists, nor will we share any personal information without your consent. RCRF will not share your e-mail address with companies outside of our companies for their direct marketing purposes unless you have given your prior consent. Except as expressed in this policy, we never share personal information that we receive online from children under 13 with independent third party companies. We may give other companies access to our information database, but only if necessary to allow them to provide technical help or maintenance to our online or mobile technology systems or to help us process orders or requests, or provide other similar services. We require those support companies to sign confidentiality agreements promising to keep confidential any information they see if we do provide them access to that information, and then only in the course of doing their site support functions. All information may be transferred as part of the purchase or sale of a business at any time without users’ consent, to the extent permitted by applicable law. If Royal Council of the Real Fairyland believes that a user’s behavior on any of our web sites or apps may damage us or our web sites or apps or anyone else, we may disclose the relevant personal information in order to prevent this harm without obtaining consent. We might try to identify the wrongdoer, contact them or bring legal action against them in any case of damaging behavior. If required by law, or in response to a legal request, we may disclose personal information.

Effective Date

The effective date of this Privacy Policy update is March 31, 2016 and applies to all information previously obtained by Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC. Any change made in our Privacy Policy is clearly marked with its effective date and as required by law, we will not use personally identifying information in ways that are materially different from the description in our Privacy Policy without providing notice of such and obtaining consent to any such different uses (and in the case of children users, the prior verifiable consent of the parent). We will notify you of material changes to this policy here, on our home page, in mobile apps as applicable, and/or by email.

Privacy Policy update: March 31, 2016

Questions or Concerns

We wish your family a fairy fabberful time online or in our apps at the magical world of The Real Tooth Fairies – where Love is Magic and Every Kindness Counts! We thank you for reading our Privacy Policy. We are committed to keeping your personal information safe. If you are ever concerned about your child’s use of our web site, app, or services, please contact us by calling, using our online form, or email to the link below.

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