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Welcome, Earthies, to the copyright protected site of and the Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC. By using this website, you agree to the Conditions and Terms listed below.  If you are not in full agreement and compliance with these Conditions and Terms at all times, you may not use this website. We may terminate your ability to access and use the website and disable your account if you fail to comply with any of these Conditions and Terms of Use. The Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC may alter the website content or features or Conditions and Terms at any time in any way for any reason. 

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This website is copyright protected and therefore, all content both in text or graphic format which is specifically formatted on the website for you to print, download or copy is licensed to you solely for your personal non-commercial use in your home for one use only, making only one copy with the understanding that you do not alter or delete or add any copyright, service marks, trademarks, patent numbers, or other intellectual property-related notices. Any downloaded or printed content cannot be altered in any way, and it is prohibited for you to make any commercial use, re-mailing, or high quantity or automated use of this website content in any form.  It is strictly prohibited to rework any of the website sound recordings, music, video or other website media in any form than is expressly shown in this website. Your use of website content outside of these stipulated uses may violate copyright, trademark, privacy, communications, and other laws, and any such unauthorized usage may result in your own personal liability, including possible criminal liability.

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Shopping Online at The Real Tooth Fairies

This website, with its shopping pages, offers opportunities to purchase both physical and downloadable products and subscription memberships. It is required that you be 18 years of age or older to make a credit card purchase at this website. You are responsible for paying all sales taxes for your purchases as well as shipping and handling charges and for insuring your items purchased. If a product is purchased by a person under 18 years without first having parent permission to do so, then you the parent may return the item or subscription in keeping with the returns policy for that item. See Earthie Guest Services for returns, policies and shipping information, as well as the For Parents section. 

The Parents Only Zone is a restricted access area for parents where only you communicate with your child’s Real Tooth Fairy to make your child’s friendship with her magically special. To ensure that only parents can enter the Parents Only Zone, it’s required that we either 1) verify your age as an adult via Facebook on our site or 2) process a credit card for a 49¢ one time registration to the Parents Only Zone. As parents, you will find that you are required to login more often than is typical on other sites because of the need to ensure that only parents enter the Parents Only Zone areas. It is advised that parents keep your login name and password secret and that you always log out when you’re finished on the website, to ensure that your child isn’t able to access the Parents Only Zone by clicking the back button or a bookmark you may have made to a Parents Only Zone area. Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC has gone to extensive steps to ensure that only parents enter the Parents Only Zone, however we have no responsibility or liability if your child enters any of these areas since this is out of our control.


This serves as notice that when you are on this website, there may be links to other websites with content over which we have no control or responsibility.  This may include links to sponsors, partners, or other types of advertisements. You agree that if you click on any of these mentioned links, that their own privacy policies and Conditions and Terms of Use will be in effect and we have no control of that. Further, we make no assurances or endorsements that you will find satisfaction with products or services from an outside party that we may link to on our website. You are responsible for any purchases or transactions you make with such third parties and we cannot be held responsible for their content or products or services.



Your use of or reliance upon content or articles within this website is solely at your own risk. The purpose of this website is solely for entertainment and is provided “as is” without expressed or implied warranties of any kind. Elements or sections of this site may contain the opinions and viewpoints, however we do not endorse, guarantee, or bear responsibility for the accuracy of any content. This website content is not intended to, and does not constitute legal, professional, medical or health advice or psychological or medical diagnosis, and may not be used for these purposes. It’s imperative that you always solicit the advice of your physician or other qualified health care delivery party with any questions you may have regarding a medical or psychological condition. You should not base any of your actions on content within or related to this website without first seeking fitting legal or professional counsel on specific facts and situations at issue from a lawyer or licensed professional.

Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC does not guarantee the accuracy, utility, or completeness of any content or information on this website, and does not guarantee that the content on this site will be without errors or interruptions or that the server that hosts this website is free of viruses or other undesirable components. All users of this website are responsible for the complete cost of all required servicing, corrective action or repair resulting from viruses or other harmful web transmissions and Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC has no responsibility for same.
There are no circumstances including, but not exclusively limited to negligence, in which Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC will be considered liable for any type of damages that result from usage of or an interruption or stopping of usage of this website or any downloaded website content, even if Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC or its agents have been alerted to the possibility of such damages. Under no circumstances is Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC’s total liability to you from any damages, repairs, causes of action or losses to be greater than any sums you paid for purchases to Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC on this website.


Queen Sirona and the Royal Council love to hear from Earthies like you, especially with suggestions of how we can make your visit in Real Fairyland even more magical, however we ask that you do not send in unsolicited ideas for fairy games, toys, new innovations or techniques or other similar types of new concept types of communication. Please keep in mind that if you respond to Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC with information such as feedback, opinions, ideas, questions, tips, or concepts related to The Real Tooth Fairies, or regarding the content on this website or any related website products, this communication will be agreed to be non-confidential and Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC shall be entitled to reproduce, use, display, transmit and or create related works deriving from same, and distribute the content or ideas to others without any limits and we may give others rights to do the same with that information.  Additionally, Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC is entitled to freely use that same information or ideas in its product development, manufacturing, or marketing, as well as any other purpose whatsoever without any obligation or owage to you.  Any personal information about you is excluded from this stipulation and the use of your personal information is covered by this website’s PRIVACY POLICY.



This Conditions and Terms of Use Agreement is effective unless and until terminated by either you or Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC. By no longer using this website, you are terminating this Agreement with the agreement that all prior uses of this website are governed by this Agreement. It is the right of Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC, at its sole discretion, to terminate this Agreement without notice and at any time and to cease your access to this website for any reason, including you having failed to adhere to any aspect of this Agreement. Upon the termination of this Agreement by either you or Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC, you agree that you will immediately destroy all downloaded content or printed materials or otherwise obtained content from this website, as well as all copies of such materials, whether those copies were made in keeping with the terms of this Agreement or not.
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