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Every Kindness Counts – Help Your Tooth Fairy Change the World!
Each Real Tooth Fairy offers every Earthie girl and boy a magical invitation to join an extraordinary global kindness effort called Every Kindness Counts. Every Earthie kid can be a hero for kindness, doing Kindness Tickets – acts of kindness – in their daily life.

Every Kindness Counts is a fun program where girls can move up 8 Kindness Levels.
When you’ve done 6 Kindness Tickets at each level you’ve completed that Kindness Mission. Your tooth fairy greets you when you pick your tickets and when you record your completed kindness tickets.  She magically presents you with Kindness Award Ribbons for each kindness done.  When you complete a level, you earn a new kindness  charm for your kindness bracelet and it’s all tracked in your personal Kindness Mission Report at Each time you look at the charm you remember the kindnesses you did as you made the Earth a kinder place.

Queen Sirona is watching the Earth’s Glow Scoreboard every day and she’s waiting for you to make the Kind count go up – will kindness win today?  Every Kindness Counts!