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It’s magical fun to see your tooth fairy and know your tooth fairy!
  Now that you’re a royal guest in Real Fairyland, you can actually see your Real Tooth Fairy and know who she is! See where your tooth fairy lives! See your tooth fairy with her pet Furry! Meet all the tooth fairy friends!  You can be best friends with your Tooth Fairy because she loves you so much!  She thinks that you are a precious gift to our world with all your unique talents!

Now you can explore the magical world of the Real Tooth Fairies! In each fairy’s Meet Me page, click the Tooth Fairy pictures and the tooth to see magical reveals!  See her favorite tooth fairy costume, her favorite tooth fairy sport, her favorite healthy snack, her favorite classical music, and her favorite museum painting.

The Real Tooth Fairies love to meet in Earthie museums on their nightly trips to Earth and explore the exhibits about Earth. 

(It’s said that the Real Tooth Fairies sometimes leave Treasure Hunt clues all through a museum as a surprise for Earthie visitors the next day!)