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See where the Tooth Fairy takes your lost teeth
and have fun in this free online game for kids!

Create your very own Dream Tree with your tooth fairy. Your tooth fairy takes your first lost tooth to your Dream Tree that grows in Real Fairyland in the magical Tower of Dreams. There it stays with your hopes and dreams and the tree that tells the story of YOU! You can even see and decorate your Dream Tree online and add personalized words and pictures that tell all about how you’re growing and Glowing. With the Dream Tree, Earthies display their goals, dreams, talents, and kindnesses. There’s even a branch for Oopsies – those habits we’d all like to change! Your tooth fairy watches over your Dream Tree, helping your dreams come true!  She sprinkles it with Can- Do Glow, Hope, and the magic of Love. Girls love the creative activity of updating their Dream Trees over and over in this online game for girls! And it's so fun to see magic tooth fairy pictures in Real Fairyland!