Tooth Fairy Surprise Dolls

Are there webisodes and movies about the Real Tooth Fairies?

The animated movie MEET YOUR TOOTH FAIRY will release soon. See webisodes and videos at

Avalanne Real Tooth Fairy Earth Protal

How does the Tooth Fairy get to Earth?

Real Fairyland is in the Outer Realms – beyond the Rainbow Flyway and the Ocean Cloud! The Real Tooth Fairies travel to Earth through the magical Earth arch and Tooth Fairy Magic Portals. Some of our Earth portals are in beautiful places and some are in trees. Out of the portals we fly right to where you live! 

Twinkle, Real Tooth Fairy

Can I be the next tooth fairy?

You are so spendid-doodly special just the way you are! I’m so glad you want to be a Real Tooth Fairy like me, but the Earth needs wonderful Earthies like you with fairy hearts. Keep Spreading kindness and Glow on Earth! And remember, love is special fairy magic, and you have oodles of that!

How big is the tooth fairy?

How big is a tooth fairy?

In Real Fairyland, fairies are small – I would come up to just above your knee! But because of ancient fairy magic, we transform to human size when we come to Earth. That way, we can visit you in your dreams and have magical adventures together!

Real Tooth Fairy Presents Popper

Where do the Real Tooth Fairies get their surprises for Earthie visits?

Surprises Central is the magical place where they prepare each tooth fairy letter and surprise. The Present Popper pops out gifts made just for each Earthie. Each Real Tooth Fairy has her own desk where she writes Magic Letters to fly to your pillow with your parent's permission!

Tooth Fairy Holidays and Activities

Do fairies have holidays?

Fairies have lots of fabberfully fun holidays! Queen Sirona declares certain days as official fairy holidays. Every holiday, a special flag hangs at the castle so all in the kingdom know what to celebrate. Holidays include Laughing Day, Upside Down Day, Opposite Day, Kindness Day, Rhyming Day, and oodles more!