What is Airlie's Vlog about?

Airlie is an 11 year old Earthie girl with her own vlog about EVERYTHING Tooth Fairy. But one night, her vlog and her life take an exciting turn when she meets her Real Tooth Fairy and travels to the magical Tooth Fairy world! Keep up with her adventures by watching her vlogs!


How did Airlie get into Fairyland?

One night, Airlie lost a tooth and woke up to see her Tooth Fairy fly into a tree portal in her back yard. Being adventurous, she jumped through the portal herself! Little did she know that she jumped into her own magical destiny.


Does Airlie's mom know about Real Fairyland?

Airlie's mom, a college professor of ancient mythology and folklore, discovered a secret portal to Real Fairyland and her daughter's connection to it. A loving mom who is supportive and protective of Airlie, she bears the burden of solving the mystery of the disappearance of her archaeologist husband, a task to which she has dedicated her life.


Does Airlie have magic powers?

Find out soon in the new Meet Your Tooth Fairy movie. Movie release 2017! Watch the teaser here: MeetYourToothFairy.com


What are Virtue Bloomz Fairies?

Virtue Bloomz Fairies live in their own magical flower vase in the Lost Tooth Garden of Real Fairyland’s Jewel Garden. Each Virtue Bloomz represents a virtue that every Earth child earns for each of their 20 lost teeth. The Virtue Bloomz fairies awaken and pop out of their vases to celebrate when an Earthie shows their virtue. The Real Tooth Fairies deliver Virtue Charm's to celebrate Earthies who have lost teeth.


What happened to Airlie's dad?

No one really knows for sure, but his disappearance is always on the back of Airlie's mind. It's a Real Fairyland mystery that is yet to be solved.


What are the funny little flying fluffs that film Airlie everywhere she goes?

These tiny, chatterbox Pixel Pixies have cameras on their heads - and they each have a different fragrance, from rose to bubble gum to old sneakers. Formerly paparazzi for a Real Fairyland news service, they still retain some of their old habits to chase down a good story or spy on the baddies. Now, Airlie has enlisted them to get footage of her adventures in Real Fairyland which she shares on her vlog about everything Tooth Fairy.