Who is Bree Bratterlox?

Bree is an evil, mean girl genius who will do anything to get power. She's a master of trickery and disguise, and she's obsessed with finding the mysterious source of Airlie's magic powers.


Who is Broo Bratterlox?

Bree's twin brother, Broo, is a bumbling slacker Elff who cares more about playing MagicTech video games than helping with his sister's evil plans.


Where do Bree and Broo live?

They live in their ancient family estate - The Bratterlox Manor, just outside of Real Fairyland.


Why is Bree always mean to Airlie, the Earth Girl?

Bree is jealous of Airlie's amazing magical abilities. Bree can’t keep up with Airlie’s kind heart so she gets frustrated and takes it out on Airlie and everyone around her.


Are Bree and Broo Tooth Fairies?

They are not Tooth Fairies, but Bree is a fairy in training and Broo is an Elff in training. They go to Real Fairyversity to try to get closer to the Tooth Fairy secrets.


Is Bree plotting an evil plan with the Gloom Shadow?

Find out her plan for Airlie and the other Tooth Fairies soon in the new Meet Your Tooth Fairy Movie releasing soon!


Do they have any pets at Bratterlox Manor?

No, Broo is very allergic to all animals so they can’t rescue any animals from the Pet Rescue Center. Bree loves animals but it’s best she doesn’t have any pets because she tries to get them to join her evil quests.