Who is Jett Elff?                      

Stacey and Airlie's friend, Jett is an Elff student at Real Fairyversity. He is from Real Elffland and is a real fanboy of Earth pop culture and a gearhead.                      


How does Jett fly around in Real Fairyland?

Jett flys a superchopped aircycle - a futuristic, GlowTech-powered flying motorcycle that he modified himself.


What is Jett's favorite thing to talk to Airlie about?

He is fascinated by everything Earth! He often tries to impress Airlie by talking about Earth trivia or showing Earth hand signals, but he usually gets them turned around. Airlie thinks it's funny and has fun teaching him new things about Earth. Jett also encourages her like a trusted big brother when things get tough for her in Real Fairyland.


What does Jett do in Real Fairyland?

When Jett isn’t trying to break his speed records on his air cycle, he helps Twinkle teach the Flying 101 class at Real Fairyversity. Or you can find him in class or hanging out at the Green Machine Shop with Zoom building a new flying machine. Moody Foodie Cafe is his favorite place to chow down.