Rainbow Bunny is Avalanne's Tooth Fairy Furry

Do you have a tooth fairy pet?

My Furry pet is Rainbow Bunny. She uses her Helper Magic to help me be on time for my Earthie deliveries. Sometimes I get so busy painting, I run a little late! Rainbow is hop-tastic!

Avalanne Tooth Fairy is painting Real Dream Tree pictures

What's your tooth fairy job?

I'm one of the 6 Real Tooth Fairies! We lucky fairies get to be best fairy friends with Earthies like you and bring you Magic Letters and surprises. We all work in Surprises Central and watch over Earthies' Real Dream Trees. I love to paint the magical pictures for your Real Dream Tree!

Avalanne Tooth Fairy is a cheerleader

What do you like to do in Fairyland?

I am one busy Real Tooth Fairy! When I'm not painting magical pictures for Earthie's Real Dream Trees, I'm a royal architect designing castles! I have a fabberful time being a cheerleader coming up with fabberfully fun cheers. And, of course, there is loads of studying for Real Fairyversity to keep my grades at their fairy best!

Avalanne the Real Tooth Fairy is loves painting and drawing

What is your favorite subject at Real Fairyversity?

Magical Art Class is one of my fave classes at Real Fairyversity. I love engineering and figuring out how buildings are made. I also love to paint magical pictures for Earthies' Real Dream Trees!

Avalanne Tooth Fairy's best friend is you!

Who is your best friend?

You're my best friend, my wonderful Earthie! Fairy friends are awesomous, but there's no one as special as YOU!

What is your favorite fairy color?

My favorite color is Radiant Rainbow (I can't choose just one because I love them all!)