Where do my teeth go when my Real Tooth Fairy takes them?

Your Real Tooth Fairy puts your lost teeth into your Real Dream Tree where you dreams are growing and glowing! She also watches over your Real Dream Tree sprinkling it with Can Do Glow to help your dreams come true.

How do I create my Real Dream Tree?

You can make your very own Real Dream Tree online if you click on the Magical Activities tab - Make Your Real Dream Tree. There, you can display and write about your dreams, achievements, talents, and more!

Where is my Real Dream Tree?

Your Real Dream Tree grows in the Tower of Dreams at the Real Fairyland Castle.  This magical tower goes as high in the clouds as you can see!


Does my Real Dream Tree only grow from my teeth or do my kindnesses help it grow too?

Your kindness does help your Real Dream Tree grow! Your teeth are planted in your Real Dream Tree because they are a magical part of you, and they make your dreams even stronger. But all of the Glowing activities you do, everything from a new talent to a new kindness, help your Real Dream Tree grow!