Real Fairyland is located in the Ourter Realms

Where is Real Fairyland?

It's in the Outer Realms, surrounded by other fabberful worlds like the Land of the Nitz Nootz and the Ocean Cloud.

The Tooth Fairies like to hang out on Magic Street and Moodee Foodee Cafe

Where do fairies like to hang out?

Fairies have oodles of fun hanging out at Zee Moodee Foodee Cafe, where the umbrellas over the tables have faces that change with the mood of the table! Fairies also love to meet up at Surprises Central, the RTF Pool, and the rockin' Magic Music Studio!

Tooth Fairies go to school at Real Fairyversity

Do fairies go to school?

Of course! Fairies go to Real Fairyversity, where they take classes like Magimatics, Potionometry, and other spellbinding subjects. After school, they all meet up in the courtyard to watch movies and eat floating snacks!


What does a tooth fairy do for fun?

Fairies love to play sports, like soccer, basketball, tennis, cheerleading, softball, dancing, swimming, and flying volleyball! We also love learning fun, new things and having contests to celebrate our talents. We always invite Stepella to join us. She never wants to practice, but she always wants to win every competition!

Jewel Garden of Real Fairyland

What is the Jewel Garden?

It's the magical garden where jewels grow on trees! Fairies love to hang out here and have high tea and shop at the Dazzle You Jewel Shop. This is also where you'll find the Queen's Royal Jewel and the Virtue Garden -- you get a virtue flower for every tooth that you lose!

Where does a tooth fairy shop?

Fairies go shopping on Magic Street at stores like the Make-Over Magic Salon, the Diva Fashion Mall, and the Magic Walls Decor Store. Did you know that all of your magical surprises and fairy treasurs come straight from Real Fairyland and the Shops on Magic Street? Awesomous!