Real Fairyland is where Furries in Real Fairyland live

What is Real Furryland?

Real Furryland is where fairy animals, or Furries, live. They have a fabberful time playing on the Yummy-Go-Round and playing with other Furries. Triana, a Real Tooth Fairy, takes care of the Furries and rescues lost animals.

Furries get trained in Helper Magic and bring it to Earthies

What is Helper Magic?

Furries go to the Furryland Academy to get trained in Helper Magic. Then, they bring special kinds of Helper Magic to Earthies, just the kind of Helper Magic that their Earthie needs - like believing in yourself, making friends, and more!

Furry ResQ Center, a place for rescued Furries

What is the Furry ResQ Center?

This is where rescued Furries find a loving home and prepare for adoption by Earthies meant for them. Here, they learn Helper Magic and make oodles of Furry friends. Triana is the Furry vet! 

Furries love to hear animal stories at the Snoozy-Time Tree

What do the Furries do for fun?

Furries love to get delicious snacks at the Yummy-Go-Round, hear animal stories at the Snoozy-Time Tree, play with the baby Furries at the baby nursery, and trying on new clothes at the Furry Fashions Shop. And, of course, the Furries love using their Helper Magic to help their Earhie friends! 

       Tambi Cat                        Rainbow Bunny

Rosie Skunk                       Tooth Mouse

  Real Fairyland is where Furries in Real Fairyland live    
          Reffie Lion                     Snowette Poodle