Do you have a pet?

My Furry pet is Rosie Skunk. She uses her Helper Magic to help me make new friends and believe in myself. Rosie smells like roses and helps me mix magical perfume spells in the chemistry lab!


What do you like to do in Fairyland?

One of my favorite things to do, besides coming down to Earth to visit you, of course, is to mix potions! I love learning chemistry so I can mix up new formulas for making spells. For fun I design fabberful flying fashions with matching yummy lip gloss! I also work at Kindness Station, helping fairies feel beautiful inside by sharing kindness.


What is your favorite fairy color?

I absolutely love the color Poppin' Pink!


What is your favorite subject at Real Fairyversity?

My fave subject is chemistry class. I have an amazical time mixing up magical ingredients for potions!


What's your tooth fairy job?

I'm one of the 6 Real Tooth Fairies! We lucky fairies get to be best fairy friends with Earthies like you and bring you Magic Letters and surprises. We all work in Surprises Central and watch over Earthies' Real Dream Trees to make sure your dreams come true. I also work at the Make-Over Magic Salon, helping fairies feel beautiful from the inside out!