The Real Tooth Fairies spread kindness on Earth

What is the Every Kindness Counts program?

It's a Queen Sirona's special program that inspires Earthies to perform acts of kindness so the Earth will light up with Glow! Girls pick and print their Kindness Tickets online and then earn ribbon and charm awards. Girls record each Kindness Ticket they complete and move up the 8 Kindness Levels. Each Kindness Ticket completed makes the Earth’s Glow score go up, showing that every kindness does count!

The Real Tooth Fairies count kind acts

What is the Glow Score? 

Glow is a light that shines from inside each of us. When you share love or kindness it adds Glow to the Earthe! Queen Sirona watches the Earth's Glow Scoreboard every day to be sure the Kindness score is ahead of the Gloom score. We can spread Glow every day by making the kind choice in all that we do!

Pick and print your tooth fairy kindness tickets online

How do I record the kindnesses that I do?

First, pick & print your Kindness Tickets online! You start at Ladybug Level and when you complete 6 Kindness Tickets at Ladybug Level, you move up to Butterfly Level! After completing each Kindness Ticket, go online and click Record Tickets to keep track of every kindness you do! As you record the Kindness Tickets you've done, you'll see your Mission chart. It shows you the awards you've earned so far and what's left to do so you can move up to the next Level!

Earn Real Tooth Fairy Kindness Awards by doing kind acts

How do I get Kindness Awards?

For each Kindness Ticket that you complete, you earn a virtual Award Ribbon at that level. If you have the Kindness Kit at home, you can write your kindness on the back of each keepsake ribbon. Once you earn 6 Award Ribbons at Ladybug Level 1 you earn the Ladybug Charm, and so on for each Level.

 Move up Real Tooth Fairy Kindness Levels by completing Kindness Tickets

How do I move up the Kindness Levels?

You can move up to a new level by completing 6 Kindness Tickets at your current level. For each Kindness Level you finish, you earn a charm for your Kindness Bracelet! Collect all 8 Kindness Charms!