What happens to my lost teeth?

When your Real Tooth Fairy brings your lost teeth to Real Fairyland, your teeth are planted in your very own Real Dream Tree at the Royal Fairy Castle. Did you know that your teeth have magical powers?! They contain the energy of your smile - your hopes and dreams! The Real Tooth Fairies take great care to watch over your Real Dream Tree! It grows and Glows as you do!


How many teeth will I lose?

You'll have 20 lost teeth on your way to your amazical grown-up smile! Did you know that each lost tooth brings you a new Virtue Flower? Each lost tooth stands for a magical virtue, like laughter, determination, confidence, fairy play, and gratitude!


What is the Virtue Garden?

In the Jewel Garden, there is a very special place called the Virtue Garden - that's where your Virtue Flowers grow! There are 20 Virtue Flowers -- one for each lost tooth and you earn a Virtue for every lost tooth! Of course, Stepella always tries to snatch the virtues without earning them! The Real Tooth Fairies have their hands full with that prankster, Stepella!


What is the Virtue Ball?

Every year, Queen Sirona hosts a fabberful ball in honor of all the Earthies who have lost teeth and earned virtues that year! The fairy who has practiced a certain virtue the most that year is crowned Princess of the Virtue and she wears that flower.


What is my Lost Tooth Garden?

This is your own magical garden outside your castle hotel suite. Guess who grows this garden? You! You can grow a Virtue Flower for each lost tooth. Your bud will grow into a dancing musical flower to celebrate your lost tooth! You can even send a talking tooth announcement to 3 Real Fairyland friends — and your Me Doll is the star of the show! Practice each new virtue as you lose a tooth — like The Real Tooth Fairies do!


How do I ask for a Tooth Fairy Letter when I lose a tooth?

You can Magic Message your Real Tooth Fairy whenever you have big news like a loose tooth or a lost tooth. She loves to hear about you!