Real Tooth Fairies deliver Magic Letters to Earthies from Real Fairyland

What are Magic Letters?

The Real Tooth Fairies write personalized letter for Earthies like you, called Magic Letters. Then, with your parent's permission, we will fly the letter to your pillow! Earthies can request a letter from their Real Tooth Fairy for any occasion - everything from a lost tooth to a sports achievement to a tough day at school or for friend advice.

The Tooth Fairy delivers gifts to your pillow 

How do I ask my Real Tooth Fairy for a letter?

It's easy to Magic Message your RTF! Just go to the Magic Letters tab on the website and click on "Request a Letter." You can tell your RTF exactly what's going on in your life - she'll be so excited to hear from you!

Tooth Fairy Letters about a girls daily life events

Can I ask for a Magic Letter for things besides a lost tooth?

Of course! You can ask for a Magic Letter about lots of things like: school, sports, friends, loose teeth, your birthday, being proud of an activity, kindness, being sick or injured, or having a hard time. You can even ask Stepella for a pranky Magic Letter!

 the tooth fairy delivers tooth fairy letters to your pillow

Will my Real Tooth Fairy write and deliver my Magic Letter right to me?

Your Real Tooth Fairy needs parent permission to fly a Magic Letter to your pillow.