Queen Sirona is the queen of the tooth fairies and Real Fairyland

Who is Queen Sirona? 

She's the admired Queen of Real Fairyland and the Outer Realms! It's a very important job with many royal duties, like guarding the Secret Vault, protecting the crown jewel, and planning royal events for fairies and elffs. She possesses the most powerful magic of all. But Queen Sirona's favorite thing of all is watching the Earthie Glow Score go up because of the kindnesses that YOU do!

 Queen Sirona lives in Real Fairyland

Where does Queen Sirona live?

Queen Sirona lives in the Royal Castle in Real Fairyland, an amazical place! Inside you'll find Surprises Central, the Tower of Dreams, Kindness Station, the Royal Vault, Fairy Library, the Queen's quarters and the Castle Towers Resort where Earthie visitors stay!

Queen Sirona chooses each Real Tooth Fairy 

How does Queen Sirona choose which fairies will become Real Tooth Fairies? 

Being a Real Tooth Fairy is the highest honor in all of Real Fairyland! Queen Sirona selects those fairies with the most brave and kind hearts to join the order of the Real Tooth Fairies. A fairy has to show she has a heart with wings. Only a Real Tooth Fairy may wear the Queen's Royal Heartwing engraved with the words: Love is Magic. However, a Real Tooth Fairy may gift a Heartwing to an Earthie girl.