Tooth Mouse

Twinkle’s wise and cute companion who goes on nightly flights to Earth helping Twinkle to collect lost teeth from Earthie kids. The furry and friendly Tooth Mouse has an uncanny way of giving Airlie just the right bit of wisdom when she’s in a tight spot.

Rosa Virtue Bloomz
and the Virtue of Patience

Rosa is one of the Virtue Bloomz Fairies. Her virtue flower is “Patience.” he Real Tooth Fairies deliver Rosa’s Virtue Charm of Patience to celebrate Earthies who’ve lost their 1st tooth.


Daisy Virtue Bloomz
and the Virtue of Sharing

Daisy is one of the Virtue Bloomz Fairies. Her virtue flower is “Sharing.” Daisy’s Virtue Charm of Sharing is delivered to celebrate Earthies who’ve lost their 5th tooth.

Yvette Unicorn delivers mail in Real Fairyland


A proprietor of The Green Machine Shop & the city's aircycle emporium, Zoom is a top vehicle designer -- a mechanical genius who uses GlowTech to build
anything out of anything and make it fly.

Pixel Pixies

These tiny creatures with a high-pitched chitter-language each have a different fragrance, from rose to bubble gum to old sneakers. Formerly paparazzi for a Real Fairyland news service, they still retain some of their old habits to chase down a good story or spy on the baddies. Now they spend their time filming footage of Airlie the new Earth girl’s adventures in Real Fairyland which she shows on her vlog about everything Tooth Fairy.

 Yvette Unicorn delivers mail in Real Fairyland

Yvette Unicorn

Yvette is a unicorn with special powers to know what isn't seen. She sings her secrets in musical rhymes. On busy nights, she also helps The Real Tooth Fairies carry our letters and surprises to Earthies like you! If you ever get to go on a dreamy flying ride with Yvette and your Real Tooth Fairy you'll never forget it!

 Gwendolyn, the tooth fairy, Royal Tutor

Sergio, Gwendolyn's Tutor

Sergio is a wise tutor who speakrs 15 Outer Realm languages. Before Gwendolyn attended Real Fairyversity and became a Real Tooth Fairy, she had royal tutors as she grew up. Her favorite subject was science and doing experiments to create new discoveries.

 Sir Liam, advisor to Queen Sirona of Real Fairyland

Sir Liam

Sir Liam was the trusted friend and advisor to Queen Sirona's husband, the King of the Outer Realms. Since the King went missing in a Time Travel Mission, battling with the Gloom Shadows, Sir Liam is advisor to the Queen.

 Countess Toothpeak, Counts Earthie teeth!

Countess Toothpeek,
Certified Tooth Accountant

The Countess speaks fluent French and is Real Fairyland's Certified Tooth Accountant. She keeps a record of every Earthie's lost teeth at Surprises Central. When your tooth comes out, your picture appears on the Countess' wall and your record is magically updated. She loves to visit Earthies Lost Tooth Gardens and dance with the musical Virtue Flowers.

 Madame Dufairy, Chancellor of Real Fairyversity

Madame DuFairrey

As Chancellor of Real Fairyversity, Madame DuFairrey inspires the fairies and teachers to pass on all knowledge a fairy needs to grow and Glow to become her best. She is also curator of the Fairy Library where all Magic Books and ancient Fairy manuscripts are kept. When you open Magic Books, pictures float out. The vault of secret stories are also locked here - some stories have powers so dangerous they must remain in the vault.

 Sir Snoot, Director Royal Vault Security

Sir Snoot LaToot,
Director of Royal Vault Security

Sir Snoot has been on the High Royal Council of the Outer Realms for a long time and is a trusted advisor to the Queen. He looks very serious, but if you tell him a joke he just might laugh and laugh . . .
and laugh . . .

Pepito, Royal Guard Dog

Pepito, Royal Guard Dog

This dignified chihuahua is the Royal Guard Dog at the castle, who sniffs out trouble. Pepito does love Stepella's Polka-Dotchoo-Gotchoo Cookies, so she can get into secret castle areas if she distracts Pepito by eating her cookies.

Trumpeter, Royal Announcer

Hank, The Royal Trumpeter

Hank is a trusted helper to Queen Sirona, announcing her Royal Decrees and other important royal events. He is the favorite Tour Guide of Earthies visiting Real Fairyland. He can tell you wild stories about every place in Real Fairyland!

 Miss Zeezee, Advisor to Queen Sirona

Ms. Zeezee

Ms. Zeezee is advisor to Queen Sirona on matters of Outer Realm Relations and Royal Style. She helps plan Royal Balls and also teaches Fashion Design and the "Do It Classy" Class at Real Fairyversity. Ms. Zeezee is very focused on making every last detail royally fairy but she won't miss her afternoon tea each day!

Professor Spellbeaker, Head of Royal Bureau of Spells

Professor Spellbeaker
Head of Royal Bureau of Spells

Professor Spellbeaker has the exciting job of registering all potions and spells and managing their safe use. Fairies have been known to make spells that go haywire. That's when the Spell Spills Squad flies in for any magic emergency.