Stacey, the tooth fairy, lives in a fairyland penthouse

Where do you live in Fairyland?

I live in my very own penthouse in the Real Tooth Fairy Tower. I love to decorate my room with fabberful stuff from the Magic Walls Decor Store. Oh, and I love my floating bed with a slide to my hot tub!

Proud Purple is the real tooth fairy Stacey's favorite color

What is your favorite fairy color?

My favorite tooth fairy color is Proud Purple!

Stacey hugs her Earthie best friend

What do you like to do in Fairyland?

There are tons of fabberfully fun things to do in Real Fairyland! I love dancing at the Dancing Dolphin Dance Studio, writing stories for the Real Fairyland News, and, of course, keeping Stepella out of trouble.

Stacey, the Real Tooth Fairy, loves writing in Fairyland

What is your favorite subject at Real Fairyversity?

One of my favorite tooth fairy classes is English - I love writing fairytale stories and Earthie letters. And I get so excited about writing computer code for magical apps and games.

Stacey, the tooth fairy, works as a news reporter

What's your tooth fairy job?

We're all Real Tooth Fairies! We lucky fairies get to be best friends with Earthies like you and make nightly Earth deliveries with Magic Letters and surprises. We all work in Surprises Central and watch over Earthies' Real Dream Trees to make sure your dreams come true! I'm also a reporter for the Real Fairyland News!

Stacey, the Real Tooth Fairy, pet furry, Reffie Lion!

Do you have a pet in Real Fairyland?

My Furry pet is Reffie Lion. He uses his Helper Magic to help me change some of my habits, like not sleeping too late in the morning. Reffie is roar-riffic!