Triana Tooth Fairy's job is to deliver presents to Earthies

What is your tooth fairy job?

I'm one of the 6 Real Tooth Fairies! We lucky fairies get to be best fairy friends with Earthies like you and bring you Magic Letters and surprises. We all work in Surprises Central and watch over Earthies' Real Dream Trees to make sure your dreams come true. I'm also a vet and I take care of the Furries  at the Furry ResQ Center!

Triana Tooth Fairy's favorite color is Glowing Green

What is your favorite tooth fairy color?

My favorite color is Glowing Green like the trees I love to fly over.

Triana Tooth Fairy loves to read to furries!

What do you like to do in Fairyland?

One thing that I love to do is help animals everywhere. My wand hears the call of animals in trouble. Earthie animals tell me their real stories that they want Earthies to know about. I make those into books so all Earthies will understand and help their furry, winged and finned friends. I also love sports, especially swimming!

Triana Tooth Fairy's favorite subject is science

What is your favorite subject at Real Fairyversity?

My fave class at Real Fairyversity is science - being a fairy veterinarian, I like to understand how living things grow. I love learning about Furries so I can rescue animals in trouble!

Triana Tooth Fairy's Furry is Princess Snowette Poodle

Do you have a pet?

My Furry pet is Princess Snowette the poodle. She uses her Helper Magic to help all the rescued Furries get matched for Earthie adoptions. Snowette is arf-arf-mazical!


Where do you live?

I live in my very own penthouse in the Real Tooth Fairy Tower. I love to decorate my room with fabberful stuff from the Magic Walls Decor Store. Oh, and I love my floating bed!