Stepella does pranks in Real Fairyland

Why does Stepella play pranks?

Well, Stepella will answer this question: "Because I can, dearie! Until the fairies come to their senses and crown me the new Fairy Queenie, I'll keep playing pranks! Plus, it's fun! I'm not about to work and practice for contests like the fairy-schmairies do. I'll just get the trophies by borrowing some of Freezee Wizard's magic. He always gives me a little magic in trade for my Polka-Dotchoo-Gotchoo cookies!"

Stepella, the tooth fairy wannabe, comes from the Land of the Nitz Nootz Witches

Where did Stepella come from?

Stepella grew up in the Land of the Nitz Nootz Witches, a place where witches eat spider pies and wear bats on their hats! You can learn oodles more about Stepella in her book "Stepella the Fairy Wannabe".

Stepella, the tooth fairy wannabe, throws tantrums

Why does Stepella always throw tantrums?

Ever since she was a baby Whatsie, whenever Stepella doesn't get her way, she throws a crabby tantrum! Stepella has a good heart, but she still has a lot to learn - like how to use her words and be kind even when she's angry.

Stepella, the tooth fairy wannabe, loves baking prank cookies

What are in Stepella's cookies? Can I make some at home?

Stepella guards the super secret recipe to her Polka-Dotchoo-Gotchoo cookies - even we fairies don't know it! But you can make silly cookies with fun icing and decorations - see if they are as powerful as Stepella's!

Stepella lives in a cottage by Real Fairyland

Where does Stepella live?

Stepella lives in a dotted cottage that bounces on springs in Real Fairyland. It sits near the Rainbow Tunnel and Freezee Wizard's Fab Lab. Stepella's house is awesomous! It has polka dots so it matches her dress, and the top of the house blows off when she throws a crabby tantrum!

Stepella plays pranks in Real Fairyland

Will she play pranks on me?

Of course not! Unless you want her to! You can request Stepella letters and even buy some of her favorite pranks. But don't worry - the Real Tooth Fairies make sure that Stepella's pranks are under control. And plus, she has a good heart underneath it all!